How do I apply my Nimbus hair restoration foam?

With most hair loss products, they can feel greasy or difficult to apply, but at Nimbus, we remove things like PEG (polyethylene glycol) from our formulas to make the foam more scalp friendly. The goal when applying the foam is to massage it into the scalp – don’t use it like you would a styling product because that will keep the medication on the hair shafts vs. where it needs to be on your scalp. Dispense the amount of foam as indicated on the label, rub it on the fingertips of both hands, and massage it into your scalp for 30 seconds. This should feel good. 

1) Wash your hands.

2) Dispense one pump of the gel onto your fingertips.

3) Gently massage it into the scalp until your fingers are nearly dry.

4) Wash your hands.

Want to see how one of our docs recommends applying the foam? See below Dr. Roopani's recommendations for how to apply your prescription to maximize its effectiveness. 

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