How do I apply my personalized prescription cream?

All Nimbus prescription creams use a Topi-CLICK dispenser to make applying the correct amount of cream as easy as twisting the bottom of the container until you hear the desired number of clicks. We recommend you apply the cream to your inner thigh using the dispenser then rub it in with your forearm until it's absorbed each evening at about the same time. By using your forearm instead your fingers, you prevent the transference of the medication to anyone else. You can wash the area off in the morning if you like. Finally, we also recommend switching back and forth between your left inner thigh and right inner thigh each day to maximize effectiveness.

Step 1) Read the label and determine the number of clicks to dispense.

Step 2) Apply the cream to your thigh using the dispenser.

Step 3) Rub in any excess cream with your forearm to prevent transferring the medication to anyone else.

For more details instructions, please see below.

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