How do I apply my Nimbus hair restoration solution?

Most hair loss products can feel greasy or difficult to apply, but at Nimbus, we remove things like PEG (polyethylene glycol) from our formulas to make our prescriptions more scalp friendly. The goal when applying the solution is to apply a 1/2 dropperful dose to the affected area(s) and rub it in. Repeat this process one more time. Two applications should equal 1ml of total medication, which should last you 30 days. Note, we ship the 30ml solution in a 60ml bottle so if your bottle looks like it's only half full, that's normal! Click here to watch a video about applying our solution.

1) Wash your hands.

2) Apply 1/2 a dropper of medication to the affected areas.

3) Repeat step 2.

4) Gently massage it into the scalp until your fingers are nearly dry.

5) Wash your hands.

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Dr Roopani - Nimbus Hair Loss Solution Application