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How do I collect a blood spot sample?

You’ll want to try and collect this sample within 1 hour of waking, ideally between 7-9am.

Step 1) Write your name, date of birth, and the date you are collecting your sample on the collection card. The lab needs this information to successfully process your sample. 

Step 2) Next you’ll want to hydrate. Drink 24-32oz of water 30 mins before you collect your sample. While hydrating, get your blood flowing with some light exercise like 45 seconds of jumping jacks or simply moving around to get your heart rate up. Run your fingers under the hottest water you can tolerate for 2 minutes, then shake your hands by your sides for 30 seconds. 

Step 3) For the collection, you’ll want to pick one of your ring fingers and make sure you use the lancet just to the left or right side of the center of your fingertip – not in the center because there are more nerves there. Before using the lancet, clean your finger with the enclosed alcohol prep pad and let it air dry for 1 minute.

Step 4) Next, twist off the top of one of the lancets, this will activate it. Then, place your finger against a firm surface and press the lancet into the left or right side of your fingertip – gently applying pressure until you feel a click. Wipe off the first drop of blood then hold your finger over the collection card allowing blood to fall into each individual circle. Usually, it takes about 2-3 large free-falling drops to fill each circle. Make sure you don’t touch or tap the card while you are doing this. If you are having a hard time getting enough blood, try standing up and holding your hand down at your side to use gravity to increase blood flow.

Step 5) Once you have filled all circles, place a bandaid on your finger. You need to let your collection card dry completely, usually about 30-60 mins, before placing it in the biohazard bag. Place the card in the biohazard bag then the biohazard bag in the original box you received.

For more information, please watch the Collection Video, refer to the Collection Instructions included in your kit.