How do I collect a sample for a men's health test?

Prior to collection

There is no need to fast for this test. However, the collection should be done first thing in the morning within 3 hours of waking up, as testosterone levels can decrease throughout the day. Please return your sample via delivery carrier on the same day.

To ensure your sample is tested accurately and in a timely manner, please follow these steps for preparing for your collection:

- Make sure you're well hydrated by drinking a few glasses of water at least an hour before you collect your sample. If you're dehydrated, you may experience some difficulty producing larger, lady-bug size blood drops. 

- Wash your hands with warm water (as hot as you can stand) to bring blood flow to your finger tips. Even 60 seconds in warm water increases blood flow by up to 60%. 

- Get up and get moving! Even a few minutes of movement can help improve circulation. We usually recommend light walking or going up and down the stairs once. 

Collecting the sample

Now you're ready to collect your sample! Just breathe, you got this. Here are some tips for getting the best possible sample collection: 

- If this is your first collection, we recommend using your "ring" or index finger. This finger is usually less calloused, which will make it easier for the lancet to be effective.

- The lancet should be firmly pressed into the middle-side of the finger. Not in the middle, due to the nerves there and not too close to the side because it's more difficult to produce the amount of blood required there. Please see the picture below. Ideally, avoid choosing a spot that is either too close to the tip of the finger or are too close to the side. 

- Always discard the first drop of blood onto your kit's alcohol pad without contacting the swab to the skin. Make sure you don't touch your fingertip to the alcohol pad to avoid contaminating your sample.

- If your blood is not flowing enough to naturally collect the required sample amount, massage where the knuckle of your collection finger and palm meet to increase blood flow.

- When possible, avoid squeezing your finger to extract drops of blood, as this can negatively affect the blood sample.

- Let gravity help you! Stand up, keep your hand below your chest and point your finger down towards the collection device, which will help the drops fall into the collection device. 

Acceptable samples

At the end of your test, your sample should look like the acceptable sample shown below:

If your sample does not look like the picture on the left please send an email to

Post collection

After you have dropped the blood in the collection device, leave the sample to dry for at least 30 minutes. Place the sample-filled collection device back into the foil package and seal the foil package. Then place that into the Nimbus box and then into the provided return envelope. If the collection device is put directly into the return envelope without the Nimbus box, it will not be protected in transit and identified properly at the lab. 

Sample collection help

If you need additional help or guidance with your sample collection, we'd be more than happy to help. Please send an email to