How do I set up my Nimbus Partner Portal?

How to get started on the Nimbus platform.

Getting setup on the Nimbus platform is straightforward but to help make it as easy as possible, please follow the below steps. You can also review this document. If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Step 1) Check your email, and your spam folder, for an email from us. Click on the set a password button.

Step 2) Create your password.

Step 3) Click on the "Click here to Login" link. 

Step 4) Visit and enter your email and


Step 5) Check your email for a 6-digit code. You will enter this code on your login screen to activate your account.

Step 6) Enter the 6-digit code from your email.

Step 7) Connect your bank account to the Nimbus system. This Stripe connection is how Nimbus will deposit your earnings into your account. Start by entering your email address.

Step 8) Enter your phone number.

Step 9) Enter the verification code that was texted to you.

Step 10) Select your type of business.

Step 11) Select your business structure.

Step 12) THIS IS IMPORTANT! Click on the "add a product description instead" link. DO NOT ADD YOUR WEBSITE.

Step 13)  Add "Wellness store selling point of care test kits." to the product description.

Step 14) Add your personal details.

Step 15) Connect your bank account or debit card.