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When should I take my test if I am taking hormones?

Do NOT stop current hormone therapy prior to collection. Continue to use hormones daily as usual and follow the guidelines below for optimal timing of collection.

Hormone type sample collection guidelines:

Pills, Gels, Creams, Sprays (oral, topical*, vaginal): 12-24 hours AFTER last dose – do not apply to face or neck

Sublinguals and Troches (dissolve under tongue): 36 hours after last dosage

Patches: 1-2 days after applying patch

Injections/Pellets: Midpoint between injection/pellet inserts

The following also qualify as hormones (not limited to):

Birth control, melatonin, hydrocortisone, steroid injections, flonase, prednisone, creams containing pregnenolone, placental derivatives or stem cells. If using any of these, collect as above.

If you collect outside the recommended time frame above, this may result in hormone levels lower or higher than Nimbus reference ranges for hormone users.

Topical hormones, please note:

Do NOT use bare hands for topical hormone application for at least two days prior to saliva collection (apply hormones using latex gloves or preferably hormone-loaded syringe or applicator).

Do not apply hormones to face or neck. Apply hormones to areas of the body that can be covered by clothing to avoid transfer of hormones from fingers to face, lips, or mouth.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after each application of hormones and dry with clean towel.

False-high saliva results can result when hormones from contaminated surfaces (faucets, counters, door knobs) or towels are transferred inadvertently from fingers/hands and then to face, lips, or mouth.